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This product is currently a special-order item. Please contact us to order while we build the online order page.

The LogicBlock is a carbon fiber-nylon composite printed bracket that is used to attach wireless HD receivers to certain SmallHD and TVLogic monitors. 

The LogicBlock is 3D printed in-house using a strong, high-quality carbon fiber-nylon composite material that prints in a natural carbon color, without dyes. The LogicBlock is extremely light, and it won't crack or split. All necessary hardware is included.

TVLogic: TVLogic LogicBlock are built pre-wired with a 4-pin mini-XLR connector and a 2-pin Lemo (0B.302).

SmallHD 702 Series: LogicBlock for SmallHD 702 Series monitors pass power directly through to the monitor without an external cable. Power the HD receiver is supplied via a thin 2-pin Lemo (0B.302) lead.

SmallHD 503, 703, & 703 Bolt: LogicBlock for SmallHD 503 & 703 monitors can be ordered with or without internal wiring. No power cables are needed when the plate is internally wired: the monitor receives power through its rear Molex connector while the wireless receiver is powered through an attached Lemo cable. The LogicBlock can be configured with a built-in battery plate, or used with SmallHD battery plates for 503 & 703 monitors.

When a 503/703 LogicBlock is configured without a battery plate, a jumper is supplied to power the monitor from a SmallHD battery plate. In this configuration, the receiver must be powered from the battery plate's P-Tap port.

Universal Receiver: The Universal Receiver option allows most Teradek and Paralinx receivers to mount in the LogicBlock (exceptions include 1st generation Teradek Bolt, Teradek Bolt XT; Paralinx Arrow, Paralinx Triton, Paralinx 1st generation Tomahawk, and Paralinx Dart receivers).

Lemo Hot-Swap: The optional 2-pin Lemo (0B.302) input is wired to a hot-swap circuit that automatically switches from the battery plate to the Lemo input, or whichever voltage is higher. The Lemo is wired Pin-1 GND to match Teradek, Paralinx, and SmallHD Lemo inputs. Inputs for 7.4V nominal monitors are regulated and can accept 12/24V. Inputs for 14.4V capable monitors are unregulated.

Lemo Output: The optional 2-pin Lemo (0B.302) output passes unregulated power from the battery plate and features diode protection to prevent back feeding current to the monitor and receiver. The Lemo is wired Pin-1 GND to match Teradek, Paralinx, and SmallHD Lemo inputs

*Batteries not included*

All Rencher Industries products that use printed parts carry a 5-year warranty on the printed material. If your printed part warps, cracks, or fails for any reason, we will replace the defective printed part at no cost.

The parts are made-to-order. Lead time may be several weeks in some instances, and it is advisable to contact us prior to ordering for specifics of our current lead time or to enquire about customizations.