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The BreakerBox is a universal, minimal power splitter that takes one input and splits it to three standard unregulated outputs.

One Input, Three Outputs

The BreakerBox can be powered from any standard power source from any of three standard 2-pin Lemo jacks (0B.302). All three are wired directly together, so any one can be used as the input while the other two will pass the same voltage and polarity, unchanged. The third output is a rectified, unregulated female PowerTap receptacle (also called P-Tap or D-Tap.)

Universal Wiring

Truly camera agnostic wiring means that you can plug in any 2-pin Lemo cable, and pass the same polarity power unchanged to the Lemo outputs. The rectified P-Tap output means that no matter what polarity input cable you use, the P-Tap will always output the correct polarity.

Minimalist Design

The machined aluminum enclosure is very small at 2.46″ x 1.82″ x .63″ and lightweight at 2.4 ounces. The BreakerBox can be mounted to just about anything via its two 1/4-20 through-holes spaced 9mm on-center. Attach it directly to your camera, gimbal, steadicam, or anything you can of.

Genuine Components

The BreakerBox uses genuine Lemo and Anton/Bauer components. As always, our products are assembled in Culver City, CA.


  • Use any standard power source like a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery
  • Universal  power input – Use any of our 2-pin Lemo Cables
  • Polarity agnostic – Lemo connectors pass same polarity as input while rectified P-Tap output always passes correct polarity
  • Unregulated power – 6A constant current output
  • Small and lightweight
  • 1/4-20 mounting holes
  • Precision machined all-metal construction
  • Assembled in the Central Los Angeles

The BreakerBox does not ship with a power input cable, but it is compatible with our 2-pin Lemo cables.

The BreakerBox’s rectified P-tap output can operate at a maximum constant current of 6A. Since the Breakerbox is unregulated, the P-Tap will pass whatever voltage that is fed into it; to that end, always make sure that any connected device is rated for use with the source voltage.


  • Milled 6061 T3 Aluminum, hard anodized
  • Genuine Lemo connectors
  • Genuine Anton Bauer P-Tap


  • 2.46″ x 1.82″ x 0.63″
  • 6.2 cm x 4.6 cm x 1.6 cm


  • 2.4 oz
  • 68 grams


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