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Tiffen Steadicam M-2 Tally Cable

Tiffen Steadicam M-2 Tally Cable

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This cable assembly is currently made-to-order. Please message us for current lead times.

The Tiffen Steadicam M-2 Tally Cable Allows Steadicam operators to see when they're live by sensing the light emitted from any broadcast camera tally light and activating their monitors built-in in tally indicator. Includes options for additional tally light for operator and talent.

The tally cable for the Steadicam M-2 does not contain electronics. Instead, the electronics are housed in the M-2's nose box. The M-2 Pro Tally has two options: a stand alone 36" photo sensor cable that can be velcroed over a broadcast camera tally light, or a "Y" cable that splits from the 4-pin Lemo to a 36" talent tally cable and a separate 36" photo sensor cable. The Talent Tally Cable features four bright red LEDs installed in a 2.4" x 1.4" x 0.6" enclosure. When active, the on-camera talent can't miss them. The box can be attached to a matte box with Velcro or tape.

Any cable configured on this page is made-to-order, and as such is non-cancellable and non-returnable (NCNR). Please consider contacting us before ordering a cable from this page if you are unsure of your needs. Once the checkout process is complete, the order cannot be cancelled for any reason.

Please note: the M-2 has an internal jumper that selects the 5-pin monitor tally output as either low or high. You may need to switch the jumper if you are having issues with your tally. Please reach out to Tiffen support for more information.

To inquire about lead times, please contact us.

All Rencher Industries cable assemblies use genuine parts and high-quality cable. Cable assemblies are made in the USA.





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