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Pro Tally

Pro Tally

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The Pro Tally allows Steadicam operators to see when they're live by sensing the light emitted from any broadcast camera tally light. The Pro Tally is compatible with most sleds, and redundant power/tally connectors means that the possibilities are endless.

The Pro Tally features a composite enclosure with confirmation LED, 24" light sensor cable, two Neutrik NanoCON connectors for one or two cable operation, and four bright, forward-facing red LEDS; when active, the on-camera talent can't miss them. The box can be attached to a matte box with Velcro or tape.

Power and tally through one or two connectors

Power and tally are fed through two 3-pin Neutrik NanoCON connectors (pin-1 GND, pin-2 12V/24V, pin-3 Tally) on the top stage of the sled. The tally line connects to the monitor output on the bottom stage where it activates the monitor's internal tally circuit with a highly compatible open-drain output (normally open, pull to ground when active).

Light sensor

The Pro Tally features a 24" cable that terminates to light sensor encased in Velcro that, when installed over the camera's tally light, will sense when the light is active.

Sensitivity adjustment

A sensitivity adjustment potentiometer allows the Pro Tally to activate at various luminosity levels for bright or dim on-camera tally lights.

Additional Tally Box (optional)

The Tally Box features four bright red LEDs installed in a composite enclosure and two of the same redundant Neutrik connectors as present in the Pro Tally. This allows use of the same cables as the main unit, making it the perfect companion for your operator monitor on the bottom stage.

The Additional Tally Box can be connected directly to the Pro Tally with a Tally Interconnect cable, or connected to your sled via a tally cable with separate power cable, or a single tally + power combo cable.

Power and tally cables

Choose which cable best suits your needs. All cables are 24" in length by default, but can be ordered in custom lengths on request. Cables are either power-only, tally-only, or power/tally combo cables.

  • Lemo 4-pin Power + Tally Combo Cable is wired for GPI-Pro: pin-1 GND, pin-2 +VDC, pin-3 tally, pin-4 not connected
  • Lemo 3-pin Power Cable is wired for Steadicam standard 14V power: pin-1 GND, pin-2 +VDC, pin-3 not connected
  • Lemo 2-pin Tally Cable (XCS) is wired: pin-1 GND, pin-2 tally (If using an Additional Tally Box on the bottom sled, a power cable is required in addition to the 2-pin Tally Cable.)
  • BNC Tally Cable is wired: center tally, sleeve GND
  • Tally Interconnect cable features two 3-pin Neutrik Nanocon connectors wired: pin-1 GND, pin-2 +VDC, pin-3 tally

To inquire about lead times, please contact us.

All Rencher Industries cable assemblies use genuine parts and high-quality cable. Cable assemblies are made in the USA.


  • Printed carbon fiber-nylon composite
  • Genuine Neutrik connectors
  • Spiral shielded flexible PVC cable


  • 2.13 x 2.45 x 0.89 in
  • 54 x 62.3 x 22.6 mm



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David W.
United States United States

Pro Tally

Thank you so much for building me a special order M2 Volt cable to go along with your Pro Tally and extra Tally Box for on top of my monitor. This is the perfect setup for me working live television and not having an internal tally on my monitor. Great product! Great customer service! I highly recommend Rencher Industries and their quality products. Thanks again!