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T-Studs are machined brass studs that attach to the Intersex Plate to allow it to mount to a Gold Mount plate via M3 x 12mm screws (included).

Revisions in V2 T-Studs are:

  • Thinner heads fit Gold Mount Plus plates
  • Updated to use M3 screws instead of 4-40

Version 2 T-Studs are designed to fit Intersex Plate Version 5 and newer, although they will still fit older plates with a little bit of play. V1 T-Studs will not fit on Version 5 or newer Intersex Plates since they have smaller 4-40 through-holes. We will be offering V1 T-Studs until stock is depleted.

T-Studs are sold in a set of three. Please note that the Intersex Plate Includes three T-Studs.





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