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XLR Hot-Swap Combiner

XLR Hot-Swap Combiner

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The XLR Hot-Swap Combiner allows the user to hot-swap two isolated 10A power sources (the source with the higher voltage take precedence), or to combine two isolated 10A power sources that are within 100mV of each other into a single 20A high power channel (load sharing) with no voltage loss.¹ The XLR Hot-Swap Combiner operates on voltages from 5-30V.²

The XLR Hot-Swap Combiner features two 4-pin or 3-pin XLR male input jacks and one 4-pin or 3-pin XLR female output jack.

The enclosure features a 1/4-20 counterbored through hole, a 1/4-20 threaded hole for mounting, and is made from a printed carbon fiber-nylon composite that is very strong and extremely lightweight. Rencher Industries' carbon composite prints guaranteed not to warp or crack.

Enclosure dimensions are: 3.04" x 3.13" x 1.26" (77.25mm x 79.56mm x 32mm)

¹ Combining inputs is done with two identical regulated sources like AC to DC Power Supplies or regulators, not batteries. Sources must be within 100mV while taking line-loss into account.

² Even though we offer a 3-pin XLR version of the XLR Hot-Swap Combiner, the maximum operating voltage is 30V. Many 24V systems operate at a regulated 28V or are 26V nominal, but some 28V unregulated batteries can reach voltage up to 33V—this product should not be used with voltage over 30V.

All Rencher Industries products that use printed parts carry a 5-year warranty on the printed material. If your printed part warps, cracks, or fails for any reason, we will replace the defective printed part at no cost.





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Maxwel F.
United States United States
Hot Swap my Heart

Bought this for use with a rollerblade operator hand held setup to simplify swapping dionics in a backpack rig. Pig tail in from camera, then swap power between the backpack battery belt and block battery without having to worry about an onboard battery dance. Convenient when you’re working on a show with a run and gun attitude.