Intersex Plate V5 New Features

We're nearing in on the release of the Intersex Plate Version 5, and with that comes some great new features. This overview should help give you an idea os some of the endless possibilities available with the Intersex Plate.

As in version 4, the Intersex Plate will support:

  • Male Gold Mount T-Studs and Male V-Lock Wedge patterns on both sides and in 180 degree positions for quick release from battery plates, and compatible mounts
  • Several industry-standard 9mm-on-center 1/4-20 threaded holes, including on all four sides (great for attaching rods)
  • Ability to sandwich two Intersex Plates together to secure accessories that have no mounting points
  • Build cages by bolting two Intersex Plates together with spacers
  • VESA 75 mounting pattern for attaching to compatible monitor stand or arm; use T-Studs or V-Wedge as a quick release on the back of monitors and other equipment
  • Attach a Manfrotto Super Clamp or compatible mafer clamp in eight positions - Mount the plate to tubes bars and pipes to attach a battery plate, monitor or other accessory

Intersex Plate V5 will also support our accessories:

  • XLR Power Adapter - Supports 3-pin and 4-pin XLR; is compatible with standard and micro Gold Mount and Gold Mount Plus
  • Monster Hands Monitor/Recorder Mount - Attach most 7" and smaller monitors and recorders
  • T-Studs - Intersex Plates comes with three T-Studs, but three can be added to the opposite side to couple two battery plates
  • V-lock Wedge - Use our V-Wedge to  attach to a V-Mount plate or other compatible quick releases
  • Bebob Micro plates in single and double configuration
  • Wooden Camera Pro Micro Plates in double configuration
  • 4x Arri pin-lock 3/8-16 threaded mounting points
  • V-Wedge XLR Power Adapter coming soon
  • B-Mount accessories coming soon

Added support for

  • Bebob micro plates in single and double configuration
  • Wooden Camera pro micro plates in double configuration
  • 4x Arri pin-lock 3/8-16 threaded mounting points
  • V-Lock XLR Power Adapter (coming soon)

Updated profiles:

  • V-Wedge now supports the Wooden Camera Male V-Lock
  • V-Wedge has two positions - center and offset (to line up with V-Mount battery plate)
  • All 4-40 holes have been changed to 3mm - Intersex Plate will come with Version 2 of our T-Studs, which now support Gold Mount Plus 26V battery plates

Removed support for:

  • Kenyon 6x6 & 8x8
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